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John Babcock : '17 Castle Heights'
by John Vizzusi

Someone asked me the other day if George Harrison survived the knife attack upon him several months ago. I assured that person that he was doing fine and back on tour. It reminded myself of how much we in the States have lost touch with the remaining Beatles. When John Lennon stepped off that plane and declared himself and the band more popular than Jesus Christ, we were reminded of that in the media for years to come and then Yoko and then the shooting of John and then Linda and in the middle Ringo in rehab... finally we all realized that the Beatles were as human as the rest of us, but only a incredible gift seperated them, giving us some of the most memorable music of all times.

John Babcock is a very special musician that has dedicated himself to a by-gone era by creating his own original sound in celebration of his mentors Paul McCartney & The Beatles.

17 Castle Heights


His current CD, 17 Castle Heights (being released in Germany on April 17th) is a pop-rock explosion and reminds me so much of thoses glorious years when Bands such as The Byrds, Steve Miller and Traffic ruled the Rock Charts. Babcock has a knack to make you feel good... Opening with the upbeat "The Girl's Alright", Babcock puts it in your face as to what you are to expect for the remainder of the songs. John settles down to the very melodic-acoustic-message piece "In Your Eyes"...When I look into your eyes I remember the little boy in me... Ok, I get it... very nice, great lyrics. "Circle" is a piece that will either have every Brit in Liverpool screaming 'Beatles ripoff' or appreciating Babcock's love and dedication for their one-of-a-kind sound. Hey, this is Revolver all over again, now that's not a bad thing is it? Actually his only Lennon/McCartney piece is "Baby, You're a Rich Man" and John's rendition with really solid orchestrations from Dave Mikeal gives this dear-old-classic piece some new life. "The Dream That Got Away" shows what Babcock is really all about, a terrific singing voice, beautiful accompaniment from Sax Player George Alligaiar, a song you will remember! Closing Mikael & Babcock team up for the haunting "If A Touch Could Talk", a rather peaceful song given the rambunctiousness of some of his other cuts.

 Babcock returned to Abbey Road Studios to record, and has also returned to his boyhood in the Producing of 17 Castle Heights. He message throughout is to keep in touch with the inner child in you, not a bad message these days indeed.


AORster magazine
San Paulo, Brasil

Experienced multi-instrumentalist John Babcock was born in Nyack, New York.
He has just now completed what he consider the most important record of his
career, 17 Castle Heights. Inspired by childhood memories and musical
experiences, the disk is a result of two years of composing and recording,
and features ex-MPG member David Mikeal.

Influenced by a large diversity of groups as Billy Joel, The Beatles and Paul
McCartney's solo career (actually, the first time I played back this CD I thought
it was a McCartney's record).

This is a well-crafted and highly impressive piece of music, and I think
it's the best pop rock record in years. After listening to this, can someone
please explain to me why this guy never got a strong record deal.

One or two glaring influences aside, John Babcock is certainly heading in the right
direction. Best cuts: "The Girl's Alright," "This Thing Called Love" and "Baby,
Your A Rich Man
." -

XXXX (Four Stars=great)

(Guilherme. Jr.)

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